Eight Simple Tips To Increase E-commerce Traffic & Sales Instantly

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Want to make 2018 your best year? Yes you absolutely do!

If you are thinking that you can do as many visitors as possible to get in your store, then this is your post. The strategies we have put together are from triggering a special discount, as if the customer is going to get out of your store, to create an email for customers who have placed items in their shopping carts but to complete a purchase Have failed in So here’s a fun idea: Implement one of these strategies every day in the next two weeks. And on the last day of this two-week Sprint, evaluate, take stock, and find out what works best for you.

Get ready to get new visitors, get more from current visitors, and get back to lost visitors today. So Let’s See Top 8 Things You need to do to Rank Your E-Commerce Website –

  1. UpSell your products

“Can I have your interest in this upgrade?”

Most of us have heard some form of that question. When you consider a product, it is an example of emerging, or an attempt to sell a little more expensive product to businessmen’s efforts. Is one of your products made of a little better leather? Or is there a special component that is handmade? Make sure to emphasize the difference, and ask if the customer can be assured to upgrade or not.

There are two keys to appealing:

1) Making insufficient related to the original product, and

2) Be sensitive to the price limits of your customers. Just keep in mind that your product needs to meet your customer’s basic needs, and once they have anchor value, they may not be too excited about high product prices. The new product should really be better than the original.

  1. Integrate Instagram

The average order value is $ 65.00 from Instagram marketing. It is more than any other social media platform except the polywore ($ 66.75). Apart from this, a recent study has found that Instagram offers a 25% more engagement brand than any other social media platform.

If you use the correct hashtag, proper filter and post at the right time, then you are good on your way to a big follow up on Instagram. The key to mastering Instagram marketing is to connect with your users.

What are some ways to connect with your audience? You can try running campaigns or contests for the use of your products, and most importantly, you can show your clients’ pictures using their products. These are called user-generated photos, and this is a great way to show that you have made the customers happy with the present customers.

A user-generated photo is a great way to generate social evidence. Potential customers see that your products are regularly being bought by people like them, and others feel more comfortable doing what other people are doing.

So continue building your Instagram and attach more with them.

  1. Reduce dropped carts

You are losing money on missing out on possible orders. But do not take it personally. Every online store is missing on potential online orders

The incident has been studied in a good way: Customers add items to their cart but leave their cars during checkout.  Maybe they can be persuaded with a discount, or free shipping offer, or they may never mean to get out of their carts because their computer had crashed.

  1. Launch a Facebook Store

Now, Facebook is not only a big source of traffic. You can also sell directly with Facebook stores on Facebook.

It’s easy to set up, and there is a great channel to sell. Even better, it integrates directly with your Shopify store, so you do not need to keep a separate track for list changes.

Make it easy for customers to reach the biggest social media platform in the world.

  1. Improve your email campaign

Not enough to catch a group of email addresses You really have to send them regular emails.

There are many opportunities to send such emails from which your customers appreciate.

For example, as soon as the customer signs up, send a welcome email. Among these is one of the highest open rates of any marketing email.

Or, write an email to your customer to know that his order is being processed and on the way. He would love to know that the order he gave will arrive soon. Another example for you: Send regular newsletters, and give customers new discount offers, product tips and fun company news.

  1. Make it easy for your customers to get what they want

If your store is badly designed then you are losing customers. What does it mean to design your store badly? Besides looking incredible, your shop may suffer from some combination of the following: lack of clear value proposition, not writing good product details, and hard navigation.

And even when you’ve improved every dimension above, you can still make some ecommerce design mistakes. Are you dividing your products properly or are you putting too much products on a page? Have you detected the right balance between the text and the scenes? These are all things you should consider.

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