11 Proven advantages & disadvantages of SEO


SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a work done by webmasters and online content writers to attract the quantity of website traffic via organic search engine results.

How SEO works

Whenever you enter some content and a query in a search engine box and hit the enter button. You will get the list of web results that contain the related matter of your query. We usually try to visit a website that is on the top. If you ever had tried to think that why these websites are ranking better as compare to other websites then you must know that it is because of the powerful web marketing technique is known as the Search Engine Optimization.

Discussing some Advantages of SEO

This list of advantages of SEO is going to amaze you. You will be going to work quickly with the Search Engines after looking at the advantages of it.

Make your business on a hike by having a look at the following advantages of Search Engine Optimization.

  1. People are searching for your products on the search engines

More than two billion people are online. About 90% of people start their internet journey from the search engines There are millions of opportunities for your business to become found on search engines. One of the most important benefits of SEO is that your customers are using search engines daily.

  1. SEO visitors are real dealers

SEO traffic deals the real. The people visiting your website are not there for timepass. They really are looking for their answers. They are looking for the products they want. They have the real pain about it. They had switched on your website because they think that you can provide a better solution to their search for the use of your business. As much as you add values, and understand the needs of your customers, you will gain much success with SEO.

  1. SEO can increase your website referrals

If you have a strong SEO presence then you will gain more search referrals from the search engine. SEO will increase your website referrals. Additionally, your website visitors will also like to refer your website to their friends.

  1. SEO can measure the progress

With the help of SEO tools, you can measure the progress of your website ranking and traffic. You can also measure your conversion and sources of conversion. You can also find that which search keyword are the most valuable to our business.

  1. Offline sales providing feature

Almost every customer do search on the search engine before visiting any store. Most of the people do their search online. SEO also provides offline sales option. This is because of that customers are using search engines to do their research on the product, but they may visit your store or buy your product by making a phone call. Therefore, SEO is a big contributor to driving online sales.

  1. Competitors are using SEO

Customer starts their internet journey with a search.  you will have to use a search engine to provide your sales and services to your customers and also to grow up your business. Don’t forget that your competitors are using search engines to grow up their business. If you are not using search to grow your business, you will not have a business.

  1. your small business can get a large lead over big companies

An effective SEO strategy can make a lead to your small business over a large business. Thinking towards the future of your business you will have to use a planned strategy to make your business grow and long-lasting.

  1. SEO can increase your business values on social media

As the visitors are researching on your website, they will also like to follow your business pages on the social media websites, also that refer our business pages and website to their friends.  An effective SEO campaign will generate thousands of website visitors, which you can expect to translate into a smaller percentage of followers.

  1. SEO attracts the quality traffic

Traffic on the search engine is the best traffic. Because people are actually searching the problem you solve. The SEO will attract the customer towards your website, as also you don’t have to advertise your products and services.

  1. Top SEO ranking provides 24×7 promotions

SEO works 24×7. It never sleeps. You can increase your website traffic 24×7. Once you rank high in search engines, they will promote your business while you are sleeping.

  1. SEO improves the safety of your website

SEO will advise making your website safe and secure. This will protect your website visitors from viruses and fraud. Resultantly,  it will boost your rankings as secure websites will significantly influence your SEO rankings.

Discussing disadvantages of SEO

You know everything has an advantage and also have some disadvantages. The Search Engine Optimization has a number of advantages which you can’t count, but it also has some disadvantages. So, now we are going to discuss some disadvantages of SEO.

  1. Much wait to get ROI (Return of investment)

It looks a very long time to produce the desired result from your SEO efforts. This may not be good for small-scale industries which need their ROI back in a short time period.

  1. A lot of investment

To be competitive in the market you will have to do large investment. You will have to launch new products and services into the market to be competitive and get the desired return on your investment.

  1. No assurance for work for sure

The 80% of the customers will probably look on the first page and neglect the rest. Search engine optimization gives no assurance that you will come on the primary page of search result. So it will be a bit difficult that it will surely work for you.

  1. Fear of being penalized

SEO software tool black hat may increase the rating of your website quickly, but once your website is detected for doing a malicious activity, a complete downfall of your website will occur.

  1. No full control

SEO provides you no full control over your website. The power of publishing your website is in the hands of SEO. So, you can not control your website in your desired manner.

  1. Strategic planning needed

Search engines keep changing and developing their algorithms so there is nothing permanent about any success you do achieve. You may have to continually change your SEO strategies.

  1. You can not stop working

If you are using SEO to increase your business performances, you will continuously have to do a lot of work on your website. If you will stop working for some time then search engines may neglect your website from publishing on the priorities because search engines change their policies from time to time.

  1. Negative reviews

In the market, some customers give good reviews by getting satisfactory results and some give bad reviews for some reasons. The negative reviews can resist the traffic from your website, so you have to keep working on the bad reviews as well.

  1. Don’t work only on big content

If you are only working and taking care of the big contents and neglecting the short points then this can we a harmful for your business, because customer notices each and every big and short point before making a business with each website.

  1. lot of risks

There is a number of risks of using SEO. It is in the hand of a search engine to put you on the priorities or drop your business down. So you can’t resist that risk of using SEO. As you can’t do anything in front of search engine optimization.

Security issues

SEO is always trying to keep our website safe and secure. But, sometimes it is hard to maintain the security of your website as some malicious software moves into our website and that could be a harmful for your business.

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